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Translation and interpretation expertise services in the following areas:Mechanism, Communication, Aeronautic Industry, Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipement, Petrochemistry, Energy, Environmental protection, Metallurgy, Building Materials, Information Technology Industry, Business, Juridical Documents, localization and Academic Works, etc.

Our services' languages include Chinese, French, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, and so on.

Interpretation services
Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a common form of interpretation. Simultaneous interpreting allows an interpreter to deliver his/her content in a target language to his or her audience without interrupting the speaker. Our interpreters use high-quality equipment in a special room dedicated to simultaneous interpreting, commonly called a "box." Simultaneous interpreting works as follows: our interpreters listen to the speaker's speech (delivered in the source language) thanks to a headset, and then use the microphone to translate accurately all the information to the audience in a given target language (the mother tongue language of the interpreter). Conference participants who need the interpretation service can then tune up to the receiving device in order to find their own language channel and listen to the speech in the corresponding target language.
Simultaneous interpreting is widely used, especially in international conferences. Y Translation took part in a certain number of international conferences (such as the G20, the World Climate Summit, etc.), providing its services in diverse languages such as English, French, Chinese and Italian, etc.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is also known as continuous interpretation. Our interpreter sits in the same conference room as the customer and records everything that will need to be translated afterwards. The interpreter then waits for an interruption of the speech to deliver right away the different pieces of information to the client in target language. At press conferences and other similar events, most of the lectures are translated to the audience thanks to consecutive interpreting. Some interpreters have excellent focusing skills and can note down up to 30 minutes' worth of information before delivering in a clear and detailed manner the whole speech content in the target language.

Business Interpretation

Business Interpretation is mainly used in the business and academic areas. Our interpreters are skillful in dealing with transitional sentences and have a solid grasp of translation and what it entails, as well as a clear understanding of business jargon, terminology, idioms, colloquialisms, slang and customary expressions in both source and target languages. Given the sensitive nature of the numerical data dealt with during trade negotiations, we naturally always require an accurate translation of numbers, dates, etc.

Accompanying interpretation

Our accompanying interpretation services cover different fields such as tourism, business, exhibitions and fairs of all kinds, custom and public reception, etc. The success of commercial activities is closely related to the quality of the interpreting work.


The whispering technique, also known as the low-tone interpretation, is a variant of simultaneous interpreting that generally does not require the use of technical devices. The interpreter sits in the intervention room right next to his or her delegate and translates the contents by whispering in his or her ear.

Telephone interpreting

During telephone interpreting, the client will communicate to the interpreter every important information such as phone numbers, name, address and main content. Y Translation is able to provide professional cross-regional and cross-border telephone interpreting services.Our specialized talent database can automatically find the interpreters who will match your language and required expertise. Our interpreters are also members of the European Emergency translation Service, which has successfully assisted the French and Polish police, medical staff and mountaineering teams in providing timely arrests and rescue services.

Translation services
"Rhetoric that kills, rhetoric that heals"

A little ingenuity on Y Translation's part: we respect the Deadline and the Bona fides "translation model", aiming at providing you with high quality translation services in more than 10 languages and in a great variety of industries.

Certified translation
  • Academic qualifications, driving licenses, etc.
  • Registration materials of companies, business contracts, etc.
  • Certified documents, court certification documents, etc.
Literary translation
  • TV series and film scenarios
  • Literary manuscripts
  • Press releases, speeches, and works of art
Subtitles Translation
  • Film and television dramas, documentaries, micro-films
  • Translation - Proofreading – Timing – Revision
  • Special effects - Voice over – Post-synchronization
Website translation
  • Website translation is divided into static webpage translation and CMS website translation, according to whether the site has a database or not. Our team will develop for you the most appropriate solution based on the original website's structure.
Translation of technical documents
  • Industry standard, Technical standard, Patent specification, Product manual, Installation manual, Maintenance manual, Parts manual, Technical process report, Design specifications, Feasibility studies and so on.
Economic and Trade Translation
  • Business letters, Faxes, Plans, Financial analysis, Audit reports, Sales brochures, Market studies, Articles of association, Contractual agreements, Memos, Company profiles, Catalogs, Press releases, etc.
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Proofreading & Typesetting

At Y Translation, every proofreading task is completed by native speakers and goes through two rounds of proofreading to ensure its quality.