A Glimpse of the working process at Y Translation

Our Y Translation office is located in Paris 75001 and our customers are from all walks of life. Our work is mainly divided into written translation and interpretation.

The translation workflow starts by taking the client’s order through the phone, by mail or on WeChat. Once the documents are received, they are sent to the colleagues in charge of the relevant language who will give an instant and detailed cost estimate (according to the quality of the original text, the required professional vocabulary, the data processing time, etc.). We then inform the customer about the delivery time. The customer confirms that all the information on the quote is correct. Finally, the translator(s) in charge of the project translate and schedule their progress in strict accordance with the deadline.

At the end of the translation, the translated document(s) go through a two-round proofreading process, carried out by translators/proofreaders whose mother tongue language is the target language. We are also the only translation office who insists, since the beginning of its establishment, on strict proofreading and quality control. The translation and proofreading parts are worked on separately by different colleagues.

The final version will be delivered in accordance with the customer’s needs in word/excel/pdf/paper/fax format or in another required format. For voluminous jobs, we require a deposit of 30% of the total price.

Interpretation work process: pre-prepared + spot (memory, play, emergency response) + summary and exchange with the customer

Our translators spend an average of one quarter of their time each month in interpreting. A great part of that time is spent on the preparatory work for the interpretation job. It includes the day-to-day accumulation, as well as technical interpretation training and pre-mission preparation work.

We are regularly called to participate in medical, architectural, pharmaceutical, geographical and other professional scientific exchanges, such as the “Nursing research of sleep disorders among neurosurgery patients”, the “Global flood prevention and control mechanism exchange”, the “Plastic surgery development research in the nano-plastic field”, etc. This requires us to select the relevant professional interpreters that will prepare early on the information needed to accomplish the interpreting task and make sure to maintain a high professional quality.

Because we are often in contact with various fields involving direct first-hand information, we always sign confidentiality agreements with our customers, which is also one of the industry's basic criteria.

With the successful completion of various interpretation tasks, we can indeed confirm that practice makes perfect. We have colleagues mainly responsible for and specialized in a number of separate areas of expertise, which is one of the reasons why customers puts even more their trust in us.

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